One freaking amazing kid. (whenpigzfly83) wrote,
One freaking amazing kid.

Wow, summer and basically the next part of my life is starting tomorrow as I head off to camp. It's scary to think that for the rest of my life my home is going to be just a place I drop by every so often for a visit or vacation. I'm a roaming gnome from now on I guess. How exciting to be a gnome!

Oh sweet and wonderful camp I am on my way. I can't wait to be away from all the drama of the real world and live in b-wood drama again, the only drama worth REALLY gossiping about.

I hope I stay in touch with everyone who means anything to me...

And if you forgot from before to log this sacred address away, do so now please:

Emily LaPoint
98 Bishopswood Rd.
Hope, ME

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    new tattizzle.

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    HOMMMME leaving on the 2nd for some college.

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    Emily LaPoint 98 Bishopswood Rd Hope, ME 04847 Off to camp on Sunday... send me mail. I don't even care who you are. If you're a stranger, send…

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